Dropouts classes in Forbach, apparatus «  ESPOIRRR  »

The dropouts class in Forbach is an apparatus which receives pupils from the training and education basin of the Coal Basin. These pupils are dropouts and usually desocialized. Four main goals : · Imbricating reeducation and resocialization. · Maximizing school and educative demands. · Reinstating pupils in a short period of time and in the best possible conditions. · Bringing a significant support to the pupils and initiating a relationship of trust with them. The educative and educational team works within a partnership (teachers, JPY educators and career advisers…). Reeducation and resocialization aspects are not dissociated for it seems important these two concepts should be linked and should interact. A permanent work on the respect and the appropriation of rules and regulations enables the person to reconstruct itself and to be reinstated inside the school system as an institution. Filmed interviews on the action are available on the PASI website Classe relais de Forbach : dispositif E.S.P.O.I.R.R.R.ConclusionsL’expérithèque

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