Art makes school

«  Art makes school  » is an original cross-border project organised and funded by the Saarbrücken Ministerium für Bildung Kultur und Wissenschaft , the regional board of cultural services from Lorraine and an association called Œil de Forbach. Two classes from Lorraine and 6 classes from Sarre were selected to participate in this project from 10 to 16 October 2005. It took place in a coton wool spinning mill in St Ingbert, around Saarbrücken, in Germany. During a week, our pupils met French and German artists and together, they worked and made artistic projects. They used different technics: painting, sculpture, video, silk screen print, fresco, set up… Pupils from Bertrand Schwartz vocational high school made a set up with the help of Thomas Rentmeister, a sculptor from Berlin. This experience was followed by an exhibition introducing both the pupils’ and the artists’works. We finished with a private viewing and a festive night : special moment where pupils, artists, teachers and families confronted their ideas and exchanged point of views. This project allowed pupils from vocational schools to discover an artistic practice and to tackle the creation process, which was out of their concern before. It made us work differently, far from the school, and far from our habits, rules and landmarks. It also made us work in another country with a different culture. We talked about Europe through culture and Art. installation
— Annex 1 : Thomas Rentmeister
— Annex 2 : KUNST MACHT SCHULE, German presentation
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