«  Evaluate differently : Evaluation by a contract of confidence (EBCC)  »

The project is in line with André Antibi’s researches you can find in a book called « La Constante Macabre » (the Macabre Constant). This University teacher in Paul Sabatier (Toulouse) starts from a simple review : whatever the pupils’level in a class, marks are always divided in three groups with a third of good marks, a third of average marks and a third of bad marks. André Antibi explains this distribution by a tradition imposed by this society, and very much anchored in education. This evaluation turns into selection. In order to change this demotivating situation for pupils who don’t see their efforts rewarded, he proposes to implement a contract of confidence between the pupils and the teacher. Briefly, this contract consists in giving precisely all the elements the pupils need to revise for the evaluation, in working on these elements during the lessons (test included), and in preparing the test thanks to a questionning session. To implement this experimentation (EBCC) in a secondary school, it implies many subjects to be involved. This was done in a 4ème (3rd year in secondary school) with pupils in needs and not at ease with the traditionnal way of evaluation. This generalization must help estimate the positive and negative effects in terms of pupils’motivation, investment in their work, improvements in their knowledge and relationship between teachers and pupils. This project will consist in trying the EBCC systematically or on an ad hoc basis for some teachers, in this class, and also in other classes. It must help estimate the impact of this contract on the pupils’attitude evolution concerning evaluation and compare the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 systems. Annex this way. L’expérithèque

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