Experimentation school file : implementation of a self-regulated learning plan in Modern Languages

This project aims at implementing self-regulated techniques to learn modern languages which are taught in our school. This methodology was first developed by the CRAPEL (research centre and educational applications in Languages at Nancy 2 University. For these researchers, this project aims at «  offering learners the conceptual and material conditions to learn without being taught  » . For a pupil to become autonomous, two conditions are required. An advising facility (to help the pupil develop his own learning skills) and the access to resources (ideally language resources). In such an apparatus the pupil will try and define his learning goals ( language and culture) according to his own needs, he will choose appropriate material and he will accomplish pertinent tasks (read, listen, memorize, translate, write, practice, observe, evaluate, compare, …). Thanks to two young researchers’ collaboration at Nancy 2 University, our educational team managed to try out a first self regulated learning plan in Modern languages with twenty volunteers from upper high school classes (2nd year and last year classes). The advising sessions were supervised by the two students. They will publish the results in two different dissertations. The first one about the role of advising in self-regulated learning and the second one about self-regulation being an alternative to Modern languages teaching in secondary education. Our educational team noticed the first effects of this experience on the participating pupils and of course the difficulties of implementing individual advising sessions. In September 2007, we would like to start a self-regulated learning plan in Modern languages with our vocational high school 1st year classes. Our advising program will include individual and group sessions. The European Portfolio in languages will help each involved pupil to self evaluate his skills at the end of the term. These skills will also be evaluated according to the CEF (Common European Frame for learning languages). According to the results and to the staff involved we will extend this apparatus to other classes the following years. – School file.article408 et l’Expérithèque

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